CloudMonitor for AWS

CloudMonitor for AWS represents a significant breakthrough in how you can monitor your AWS CloudWatch alerts.

Tired of logging into AWS and not being able to get a simple consolidated view of your alert status across regions? Working with multiple AWS accounts and need to quickly see what’s wrong, where?

Multiple Account Support, Multiple Region Support:
CloudMonitor for AWS allows you to easily see a consolidated status across all accounts and regions where you have CloudWatch alerts so you can get a clear picture of what needs your attention. Further, the status of your alerts are occasionally polled at a fixed frequency on your phone while the app is open or in the background, as long as you have an internet connection.  Any transitions to alert status are brought to light via push notification to you and any team member also using the app. You can also push alerts to our app via Lambda function and API call, immediately pushing critical notifications out to your staff.

Polling Optimizations:
CloudMonitor for AWS by default will detect which regions do not have alerts defined, and will skip them in later checks, speeding time to retrieve data and lessening your CloudWatch API call count. You can always go into the app settings and re-enable checking any region previously set as skippable.

Meaningful Data:
CloudMonitor for AWS also enables you to filter out alert transitions from autoscaling activity, so you don’t need to clutter your workspace with the expected actions of your environment.

Secure Infrastructure:
CloudMonitor for AWS uses API credentials stored securely in your handset to access your AWS resources locally. Your credentials remain on your phone, secure in your phone’s secure storage (Keychain on iOS), and are never sent to our services.

Beta Testers Welcome:
We are presently inviting customers to join our beta program for iOS devices, and our beta launch will be forthcoming soon. Beta testers will be offered a subscription discount at launch.


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